A celebration that has a full representation of all Latin cultures through authentic displays of Music, Dance, Food, and Culture. Highlighting the people and countries in a positive and sharing perspective.

The goal of this festival is to bring an exciting experience that will create awareness and appreciation to the variety and uniqueness of Latin culture and becoming a flagship event that celebrates our great City of Barrie.

"In honor of the sacrifices made by countless families leaving their home country to better opportunities in Canada"


At Barrie Waterfront with a stage to be seen from the Bay
Positioned for success, we are dedicated to create a  flagship event at the waterfront that will create awareness and celebrate!

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How to Get involved


If you Dance, Sing, Cook, Trade in Latin Culture we are looking for you

OUR GOAL is to have representation from all Latin American Countries and will consider all available to attempt the most diverse representation on ONTARIO.

Click on the links to send a quick note so we can follow up with you

SPECIALLY VOLUNTEERS - No Succesful Festival can be had without the help of a great team of Volunteers

Please forward all inquiries to
celebrate@carnivalbarrie.ca OR contact@carnivalbarrie.ca

Some of our 2023 Exhibitors and Sponsors